Current status during COVID-19 restrictions allows us to operate limited capacity.  Weekly schedules vary based on area restrictions.  See your local County site or CDC site for more information regarding restrictions.  Updated February 1, 2021


Wellness, Delivered!

Mobile Spine Center is a mobile medical clinic that provides weekly, on-site healthcare and WELLNESS PROGRAMS in and around the Napa Valley.  Our doctors and team arrive at the work place on a weekly schedule and employees come out to the mobile clinic for treatment:  A simple and efficient way to get quality care with focus on CONVENIENCE and AFFORDABILITY.  Our services are paid for by our partner companies and our patients pay a small co-pay at the time of service.  Everyone benefits!

Mobile Spine Center offers a new level of wellness benefit to businesses in the Napa Valley area.  Our clients offer an on-site wellness clinic to serve employees on a regular basis.  This affordable and inventive service is hyper-efficient, provides value and convenience to the workforce as well as significant return on investment for healthcare and absenteeism, decreased healthcare and work comp insurance expenses, decreased injury, improved performance and employee satisfaction.  Our doctors and medical staff provide chiropractic, physiotherapy, physicals, screenings, nutritional support & supplements,  Weekly wellness education is also provided assisting staff with a healthier lifestyle.
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Pain?  Back Pain?  Neck Pain?  Headaches?  Fatigue?  Pain in hands, arms, shoulders, hip, knees, ankles or feet?  TMJ?  Fibromyalgia?  Sciatica?  Degenerative Disc Disease?  Digestive disorders? anything that just doesn't feel right?  Just come on out to the van and see your doctor and we will help you find a solution!   

Feeling great?  Let's keep it that way!  Just like going to the gym, exercising and weight loss, once you are in shape, you've got to keep it up right?  Great team of healthcare professionals to provide you with healthcare partners, coaching and more!  It's easy, just ENROLL by clicking on ENROLLMENT and we will contact you with a customized APP and patient login for easy communication and scheduling!

Your employer cares about you and is investing in your health!  Wow!  Let's get started now!

Mobile Spine Center is a new healthcare concept designed to provide CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS to our partners in the Napa Valley area AND to provide EXCELLENT HEALTHCARE TO PATIENTS, our partners' employees!  Mobile Spine Center is a hyper-efficient wellness clinic on wheels in the Napa Valley area offering wellness, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, nutritional and health coaching and more!  Integrative medicine provided every week!

As a convenient, efficient alternative to a traditional brick and mortar wellness clinic, Mobile Spine Center brings the wellness clinic right to patients at their place of work!  No more time off work, travelling to see your doctor, finding a place to park, handling the waiting room and finally getting treatment before having to travel back to work.  

The business has two specific goals.  One is to partner with clients that want to provide their employees with the value benefit of an on-site treatment and wellness program.  These clients reap the well documented rewards of employee satisfaction/retention, better health for their workforce, fewer injuries, lower absenteeism, increased productivity and likely tax and insurance incentives as well.  

The other goal is to provide our patients with superior, convenient healthcare in the form of wellness treatment, chiropractic, physiotherapy, nutritional support and a weekly wellness program, providing them with tools to live a healthy, happy, productive life.  

The service allows patients to receive on-site, weekly treatments provided in full or in part by their employer without time away from work.  This convenience benefits both our clients and patients in multiple ways and makes wellness an affordable priority.  

Our doctors and medical professionals arrive in our customized Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van allowing us to treat patients almost anywhere.  Our primary focus is to provide care to patients consistently, eliminating pain and other health issues, ultimately maintaining health with wellness and preventative care.